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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

Our trips

The starting point for planning a safari in East Africa is deciding what to do. The possibilities are endless and it really is a destination for all ages and budgets.  Some common types of trips are highlighted below, but we can tailor a range of options to suit specific needs. 

Mara Ngenche Safari Camp_edited.jpg

Wildlife & nature

The quality of any safari is dependent on maximising opportunities to see wildlife and bringing the subject to life.  Our passionate, local guides are experts in creatures, both great and small.

Samburu Warriors.jpg

Cultural interactions

Authentic, genuine interactions with local people are the highlight of a trip for many.  We work with communities to ensure they benefit as much as our visitors do from these enriching experiences.

Balloon Safari_edited_edited.jpg

Adventure & activity

East Africa lends itself to adventure activities. From trekking, biking, ballooning, rafting, canoeing and mountaineering to birdwatching and more. We create itineraries that get pulses racing.

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Coast & beach

With so many beautiful islands and beaches to choose from, we can advise on relaxation, cultural or watersport hotspots and corresponding accommodation that will be perfect for your client.

Masai Mara-Angama Mara.jpg

Family fun

Multi-generational trips deliver a lifetime of precious memories, if you satisfy the hardest audience first. We have a range of excursions to excite and enthral the littlest to the oldest guests.

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Looking for something with the ‘wow’ factor? You’ve come to the right place! We have years of experience developing creative itineraries for events and groups, no matter what the size or budget.

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